15 Disco Songs with Epic Basslines

The disco sound is summed up with the thumping and hypnotic bass sound. Whether it was produced by an actual bass guitar or a synthesizer doesn’t matter. Bassists really have the disco era a lot to owe for the furthering of their craft.More


Images of Nassau, The Bahamas

February 2012 was my second visit to Nassau, the last being more than 10 years prior. This time I decided to go for a walk off the main touristy path from downtown to Fort Charlotte and then on to Ardastra Gardens – a small wildlife reserve. Fort Charlotte is a British-colonial era fort built on a…More

A short story: A Girl and Her Hippo

From the arid plains of the Serengeti, the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky… A modern day fairy tale of a girl and her hippopotamus, soon to be turned into a LifeStyle channel midday movie.More