Lorem Ipsum: The Latin Dummy text and why designers use it

Sourced from: http://rlv.zcache.com/lorem_ipsum_postcard-p239180943717058341trdg_400.jpg

Sourced from: http://rlv.zcache.com/lorem_ipsum_postcard-p239180943717058341trdg_400.jpgI’ll be honest, the purpose of this post is to provide me with a URL to send to people whenever I design them stuff. Picture spending hours honing a design in photoshop, sending it to the recipient and waiting anxiously to see if they like it…

An email comes back with, ‘what’s all that gibberish writing on it?’. “I could have given you text to put in there if you asked for it”.

No.. ‘wow the design looks great’ or ‘on the right track’.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
I’m a big fan of Lorem Ipsum, it saves me from having to come up with something interesting to fill all the blank spaces on a mock up. But aside from this, it actually serves a really practical reason which I end up explaining to anyone who questions it. The biggest reason is if you put real copy text into the design the client will most likely only comment about the incorrectness of the writing and forget about the design entirely.

Other benefits include:

People can evaluate the typeface you’ve selected. Are the characters easy to view? Does the font look good at all sizes?

People can look at the overall layout of elements without getting caught up reading any text. Is there enough white space? What about line spacing? Contrast between light and dark?

Lorem Ipsum shouldn’t provide a distraction from the masterpiece that is the design, that is of course, unless you can read pigeon-latin. But I’m guessing most people can’t.

Sourced from: http://www.dl.ket.org/latin1/gallery/people/images/cicero_.jpgRomans lend me your ears
Lorem ipsum is lifted from the work of Roman philospher Cicero, who ironically just happens to be the speech writer I had to study in my year 12 English class. Others got pearlers such as the Gettysburg Address, Luther King’s I have a dream speech, JFK’s Go to the moon and I got Cicero’s First Oration to Catiline. Although it was translated into English, I could have sworn I was reading pigeon-latin.

I like to use the online Lorem Ipsum generator at www.lipsum.org.

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