Back to Basics DSLR through the ‘Art of Photography’ Course

Rusted Padlock. N. Hayter. 2010.

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I’m fairly good at following instructions. On this basis I’ve self-taught myself pretty much everything I know with web design, graphic design and photography.

I tried to do the same thing with electric guitar and did my head in over it; so finally succumbed to proper lessons.

When it comes to photography I only graduated to a DSLR just before my August trip to China. Before that I’d been using point and shoot digitals with ripper optical zooms and some manual override settings.

Having never used DSLR/SLR’s in the past its been a steep learning curve and I’ve been guilty of using auto settings for most things except night photography. Using manual settings for night photography really had their benefits as seen in the Sydney Vivid Light Festival photos.

But for daytime shots, ISO, Aperture, F-Stops and White balance were just fancy words I’d throw into conversation to justify owning my Canon 350D. As a general rule, I’d always make sure the surrounding company always knew less than me.

I can now confidently say I know what these mean and how to use them.

Set a course for adventure to ArtEst

This is courtesy of the ArtEst course The Art of Photography, led by the very knowledgeable and talented photographer Nicola Clarke. Her subject interests are very similar to some of mine: landscapes and nature.

It’s a 5 hour workshop course with an even mix of theory and hands-on practical photoshoots. You learn the technical aspects behind a technique then roadtest it yourself outside in the carpark and surrounding neighbourhood streets of Leichhardt.

I’d highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to take their photography to the next level.

Of course, editing work was done on these images, this time using Adobe Lightroom. Because I’m of the technical persuasion, I like nothing more than tinkering with photos. No matter how good your original unedited images are, post production makes them come alive.

Click for medium res images

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  1. Kristen says:

    Fantastic blog Natalie. Love your photography. I’m good at taking photos but crap at editing. I must skype with you one day and get some tips!

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