5 Ugly Font Typefaces That Offend Me – Comic Sans, Curlz MT, Monotype Corsiva, Impact, Brushscript MT

Some font typefaces are so offensive I remove them from whatever computer* I’m using so I’m never tempted to use them even satirically. These are their stories.

I have been guilty of using all of these fonts at one time or another. I can confidently say I’ve been sober from their use since the age of 15. I developed some level of taste in my mid teens. By using any of these fonts you are destined to cheapen up any graphic design you are doing and turn it into an instant failure. Consider this a public service announcement.


There is a strong case on the Internet that Comic Sans is the worst font of all time. I’m not here to argue with that. Its hideous. The only permissible use of Comic Sans is for a 1980’s style Clown entertainer. The biggest problem with Comic Sans is that it is so overused, its a default system font so everyone feels they are entitled to use it in the wrong context. I’ve cringed when I’ve seen it on numerous corporate Powerpoint presentations and even a prayer booklet at a funeral. (Even in death there is no dignity).


This is the font I used to use on invitations when I was 10 years old. It’s the inventive person’s alternative to italicizing Times New Roman. Its a halfway mix of a script font (like Brushscript MT below) and a handwritten running writing.


This unnecessarily bolded font has cropped up on an array of designs that try to convey a hardcore industrial feel. You’ll see it on posters, billboards and shopfronts as it tries to grab your attention through massively thick boldness. The problem is the characters and character spacing are too narrow and makes it hard to read.


I first used this font when I was 8 years old and dreamed up the concept over running my own restaurant called ‘Cactus Cafe’. I thought the Curlz font kind of looked Mexican. I made business cards, A4 menus and hand drew chalkboard versions of the logo while I proceeded to make Tacos, Chili Con Carne and such for my amused family. I was so destined to be a chef and look what happened. I’ve seen this font used a lot for baby related things, arts and crafts, cupcake shops and anything vaguely trying to represent Spanish or Mexican culture.


This font is a failsafe for awards and certificates. It’s like calligraphy without all the effort. I used to be an old fashioned pen, quill and paper calligrapher when I was younger and spent hours trying to ensure the nib width heights for letters were consistent. Then I discovered Brushscript MT and left my quills to dry up. Again, this is an overused ‘formal/fancy’ font people use when trying to give the air of class to their design.

* Sadly for purpose of this blog post I needed to reinstall these fonts on my computer to make the headings. This here laptop will never be the same.

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