Recent Graphic Design Jobs – Logo, Business Card, Invitation Design

Three graphic design jobs from the last few months.

Logo Design

Client: Southern France Rental Accommodation

This was a branding and identity project as much as it was a logo design. As I was to design the website as well, the style of the logo would become integral to the web design direction. I wanted to convey a feeling that was warmth, homeliness and inviting. The opportunity to use a subtle visual pun presented itself as “Coeur” translates to “Heart” in English. A rustic earthy tone was chosen for the gradient background.

This logo will feature in a web project I am developing for the same client. It is due to go live in the next few months.

Business Card Design

Client: Video production company

The client already had a striking corporate logo which made this job easy. Charcoal is one of my favourite colours for print work because it gives such a professional look. I decided to break up the silver gradient behind the logo with two horizontal (top and bottom) charcoal stripes. This also doubles as a reference to 35mm cinema stock. On the reverse the other corporate colour (gold) was used sparingly with a simple line at the same height as the top charcoal stripe on the top. The font Trajan Pro was used as it was a good serif match to the logo font without being too bold.

DL Invitation Design

Client: Medical association conference

Designed in Art Deco stylings to match the conference venue of the same era. The main photo is a black and white I shot from the Level 41 of the AXA building at Circular Quay in Sydney. The image of the Grace Hotel I took on a lunch break walk. I chose a classic Art Deco colour palette, chocolate brown and teal.

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