Images of: Australian Animals and New Dingo Pups @ Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney

Dingo Pup Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney. Photo: N.Hayter 2011

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I read in the newspaper last week that 7 new Dingo pups were born at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney in the last month. I decided to go and see them before they all grew up! Dingos are a type of wild Australian native dog. They were introduced to Australia about 6 to 8,000 years by South East Asian travelers.

Other animals I took photos of were: Goanna, Brolga, Koala, Goose, Egret, Black Breasted Buzzard, Australian Wood Duck, Tawny Frog Mouth, Silkie Chicken and Kookaburra.

My favourite photo is the first one of the Black Breasted Buzzard preening itself with its plumage out.

Click for high res images:

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