Architect Frank Gehry to leave his mark on Sydney Australia

Image source:
Image source:
Dr Chau Chak Wing Building Frank Gehry Design Sydney UTS

One of my favourite architects, Frank Gehry will get to leave his legacy in my home city of Sydney. This will come in the form of a $150 million building for the University of Technology Sydney. The building will be called the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building. Construction starts early next year (2012) and is planned to open in March 2014.

Frank Gehry has described the building as:

“a trunk and core of activity and… branches for people to connect and do their private work.”

Who is Dr Chau Chak Wing?

Dr Chau is a Chinese businessman and Australian citizen said to be worth around $1 billion dollars (AUD). He donated $25 million to UTS for this project; with $5 million going to create an endowment fund for Australia-China student scholarships.

The ‘Tree-house’ is sure to polarise Sydney-siders’ opinions much like the Jørn Utzon designed Sydney Opera House did in 1973. It will certainly add a touch of modernity to a corner of the city which desperately needs a face lift.

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