Images of New York City in the Winter

Denesmouth Arch Central Park NYC. N.Hayter 2012

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With temperatures well below zero and a cold snap hitting the east coast this January, the 5 days in New York City were the coldest I’ve experienced. This was the first time I’d seen snow fall and it really was magical. Out of 500 odd frames, these are my favourite photos from New York City.

A few comments on some of the photos:

Guggenheim Motown Busker NYC. N.Hayter 2012
Guggenheim Motown Busker NYC.

The one of the man singing was a busker outside the Guggeinheim museum. I could hear a beautiful voice singing Motown classics and turned around and saw him. The man playing the flute was on Wall Street on the steps of Federal Hall National Memorial. He was playing fife music that would have fit in around the Civil War period. I found his eyes to have a certain sadness in them. Just to clarify, the buskers were given donations and asked their permission before taking the shots – unwritten rules!

Madison Square Park NYC. N.Hayter 2012
Madison Square Park NYC.

The photos in and around the Flatiron and Madison Square Park were really difficult and taken in bucketing rain. I only had a 20cm mini tripod which was a real problem. The dense fog in the sky produced an interesting golden glow in the night sky from all the lights.

Central Park Zoo proved to be a spot for great animal photos. It was snowing lightly and surprisingly most of the animals were out and about. Extremely lucky to see the Snow Leopard frolicking in its natural weather. Out of 50 – 60+ frames I got one keeper which is the one that is shown in this gallery.

Rose WTC Memorial NYC. N.Hayter 2012
Rose WTC Memorial NYC.

The photo of the rose in a name on the south tower memorial of the World Trade Center is one of my favourites. No post production was done on that image, it was just perfect lighting right on dusk. The reflection of the metal surface and the slight bokeh effect in the top right corner complete the image.

Identification of Bird and Fish Photos

I have a bad habit of taking photos in zoos without taking a photo of the sign labelling the animal. My justification is I’m saving camera memory. When it comes to editing the photos I have no idea what it is. Sometimes I might know the region it was from which helps with narrowing down the search. When I really get stuck I turn to the experts at either of these forums. These people are amazing, they know their stuff and are only glad to help. WhatBirdForum  |  FishForums.

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  1. Elena Arvasi Photography says:

    gorgeous images! THANKS for sharing!

    1. Natalie says:

      Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed them.

  2. Danny says:

    Excellent photos!

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