A 15,000 pixel wide Panorama of New York City Skyline

High Resolution New York City Panorama. N.Hayter 2012
High Resolution New York City Panorama. Click image to view 15,000 pixel wide version.

This is a stitching together of 8 x 18MP images I took of the New York City Skyline from Liberty Island. Not having a tripod and forgetting to turn the camera auto white balance off first made this jigsaw puzzle an absolute nightmare. About 5 hours of cloning and airbrushing was done to get rid of seam lines and reduce the ISO noise without losing the focus on the buildings. It’s far from perfect and if you view it at 100% you can see where I got lazy around the edges of the buildings, but after so many hours I got sick of looking at it.

The original image was around 30,000 pixels wide but was a bit large to upload, so I halved it and then shrunk it. I shrink all my jpegs now using www.jpegmini.com. I saved a sweet 10Mb on this image.

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  1. blowagie says:

    I’ve used the JPG you made in the following blog post: http://itextpdf.com/sandbox/blankpage14400
    In this post, I explain how to solve a specific PDF problem. I added a link to your blog as requested on your contact page.

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