The Difference Between Alpacas and Llamas – New Tee Design

Difference Between Alpaca and Llama. Tee Design. N.Hayter
Difference Between Alpaca and Llama. Illustration by N.Hayter

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Ever wondered what the differences are between Alpacas and Llamas? … wonder no more.

This question has always bothered me so I decided to draw a visual explanation. The difference in two words – SIZE and EARS.

For this drawing, I decided to do a police mugshot because it would clearly show the height and size difference between the two animals. The vector Ray-Ban’s I drew for my Hipster Corgi got another run on this illustration. It ended up being a Blues Brothers style crime duo. And yes, Llamas prefer to wear neck ties and Alpacas exclusively choose bow ties.

Please, whatever you do, don’t call them by the wrong names. You know better now.

Table of differences between Alpacas and Llamas

Llama Alpaca
Height up to 6ft up to 5ft
Weight up to 400lbs / 180kg 150lbs / 68kg
Ears Large banana shaped ears Small pointed ears
Body shape Flat back Rounded back
Tail Right off end of their back Sloped down from their back
Fleece Coarse Soft
Personality Brave and stubborn Gentle and timid

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  1. Difference Between Alpaca and Llama. Great Illustration N.Hayter

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