Having an Orca of a Time – New Tee Design

Having an Orca of a Time Tee

Is having a whale of a time your thing? Well why should they get all the fun? Orcas are party animals too.

Like it? Buy the “Having an Orca of a Time” Tee Here

Having an Orca of a Time Tee


  1. Anonymous says:

    Orcas do have more fun

    1. Nico says:

      Hello, I am a photographer and rentecly visited the Hakai Pass region of BC on a sport fishing trip. During my trip I observed an extraordinary display of hunting and feeding behavior by a small pod of 4 orcas. They included a large male, a mature female, and two younger whales. I took many photographs and would like to share them with someone who may be studying orca whales in this area. Can you direct me to an appropriate researcher? With thanks in advance and please keep up the good work.

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