Baby Shower Creations

Baby Watermelon Carriage Pram. Baby Shower Food

My totally awesome work colleague is leaving to have her first baby and what better way to celebrate the occasion then with a bit of creativity. After coming across a picture on the internet of a baby carriage made out of watermelon I thought I would give it a crack.

Baby Watermelon Carriage Pram. Baby Shower Food

I’ve never bought a whole watermelon before, let alone a 10kg (22lbs) one! The more you cut the more fruit and juice there seems to be. We’ll be having watermelon daiquiris and granitas for quite a few nights to come. It took about 1.5 hours all up to shell it and get the rockmelon head firmly fixed in place. I put it in a baking dish and used the seatbelt around it for the car trip to the party. I was really happy with how it turned out.

The parents to be got a Beagle pup about 6 months ago and he is one handsome dog. I took my original Hipster Corgi design and redrew it into a Beagle that looks like their dog. I got it printed on a baby onesie through my RedBubble store.

Hipster Beagle Baby Onesie

In with the loot was the highly practical book  HTML for Babies – a must have for any nerd baby and a plush dinosaur, because dinosaurs are the bomb and I wanted to impart my favorite things onto a fresh mind.  (Pirates were less appropriate for a baby. However, I’ll save that for a future birthday).

Can’t wait to meet you Baby Bobo!

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