Images of Nassau, The Bahamas

Water Boy Nassau Bahamas. N.Hayter 2012

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February 2012 was my second visit to Nassau, the last being more than 10 years prior. This time I decided to go for a walk off the main touristy path from downtown to Fort Charlotte and then on to Ardastra Gardens – a small wildlife reserve.

Fort Charlotte is a British-colonial era fort built on a hill over-looking the harbor of Nassau, The Bahamas. It was built in 1789 from limestone. The fort was never used in battle.

Ardastra Gardens is a small zoo, garden and conservation centre only a short walk from Fort Charlotte. It is known for its marching flamingos – a discovery made by the zoo’s owner in 1950s. He found that flamingos were able to learn voice commands and march in a flock and change direction on cue. Whether or not the flamingos are just running away from the handler is debatable – but it is funny to watch . It will only take an hour or so to do, but its worth it to be up close to the flamingos and to see them strut their stuff.

My favourite photos were of the abandoned houses scattered about the city.

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