Faces of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Bangkok Thailand

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Yes its touristy, but the amount of photo opportunities are virtually endless. Located about 100km outside of Bangkok, the Damnoen Saduak Floating Markets are about a 100 years old and have hundreds of sellers floating around the canals on canoes. They sell fruit, vegetables, spices, cooked foods and tourist souvenirs.

I love fresh food markets because of the amazing smells, local produce and colourful fruits, vegetables and diverse people.

Even though I scored a lifetime supply of Saffron at a bargain price*, I ended up paying in one form or another. I snacked on some dodgy spring rolls from a canal boat that pulled up alongside of us. It gave me a stomach bug which took almost 3 weeks to shrug off when I got home. Also known as a post-holiday rapid detox diet.

*So it turns out my ‘Saffron’ was actually Safflower – a cheap knockoff worth practically nothing. I discovered this after trying to cook Saffron rice that never changed color. Had my haul been real Saffron it would have had a market value of $6,500! (Paid $3 for it).. so yeah.

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