Images of Pandas – Wang Wang The Panda – Adelaide Zoo

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I’ve been lucky enough to have seen Pandas seven times in my life at various zoos.

I should reword that.

I’ve seen what appeared to be Pandas / the butt end of Pandas sleeping on things, but in reality they could have been animatronic puppets or people wearing Panda suits for all I knew. Pandas are notorious for not doing much besides sleeping as their diet of Bamboo is severely lacking in energy.

Normal experience of seeing Pandas:

This March however my Panda hex came to an end at Adelaide Zoo as I was able to watch Wang Wang the Panda eating and playing for a good half an hour. Wang Wang (male) is a Giant Panda who is 10 years old. His enclosure neighbour Fu Ni (female) was not on display that day. The Pandas are on loan from the Wolong Giant Panda Research Centre in China until 2019.

These are the images from that amazing morning.

Panda sightings:

  • San Diego Zoo, USA
  • Shanghai Zoo, China
  • Smithsonian National Zoo, Washington DC, USA
  • Beijing Zoo, China
  • Ueno Park Zoo, Tokyo, Japan
  • Ocean Park, Hong Kong
  • Adelaide Zoo, Australia

Sadly one of the Panda cubs born at at the National Zoo in Washington DC died in 2015.

Unfortunately, Singapore Zoo introduced Pandas to their River Safari after I’d been.

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