Images of the Opera House Seals, Sydney Opera House

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Location of Sydney Opera House Seals

For the past week I have been going down to the Opera House’s north western corner at lunch and watching our newest residents baking in the sun. The adult New Zealand fur seal is an annual visitor but this year it has brought along a pup – and it is adorable.

Some days the adult is in with the pup, some days its just the pup on its own.

Nobody has named them the little one yet, so I’ve been calling it Ferdinand. Don’t ask me why.

The big one is called Benny (after Bennelong Point – its hangout spot).

On Monday the pup was awake and literally posing for me. Here are the photos from Monday 25th July 2016 (pup on its own, awake) and Tuesday 26th July 2016 (adult and pup together, pup sleeping).

Getting away from the office at lunch to see them is a highlight of my day – I would highly recommend it if you are visiting Sydney or if you work in the city, take a break for half an hour. Your work will be there when you get back.


If you would like to use any of these images online you can for free but in the spirit of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License – please do the right thing and reference my work with my name (N.Hayter) and provide a backlink to this site. Please note this applies to non-commercial usage only. High resolution available. For commercial, print or offline use please contact me.

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