Images of Gardens of the J. Paul Getty Center & Museum, Los Angeles

Following on from a recent post: Buildings as Art: The J. Paul Getty Center, Los Angeles California, I promised this post on the gardens of the J. Paul Getty Center. The gardens add so much visual splendor to the Getty Center. It blends with the artwork inside the buildings as well as the artistic architecture of…More

Buildings as Art: The J. Paul Getty Center, Los Angeles California

The J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles without doubt blurs the lines of art and architecture. In a city oft referred to for its lack of culture, the Getty is home to one of the world’s greatest free collections of art. The Getty Center is the vision of oil millionaire Jean Paul Getty. It…More

Architect Perspective: Frank Gehry genius of the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Frank Gehry is one of my favourite architects. His most iconic works are the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Guggeinheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. What this man was able to vision with titanium and stainless steel is other worldy. He epitomises the ideology of the deconstructivism style of architecture.More