Google Caffeine and what it now means for SEO

Caffeine is something that makes me happy. I don’t drink coffee so my caffeine fix comes in the form of a can of Coke at 10.30am each morning and some chocolate to beat the mid-afternoon slump. When Google announced changes to their search index last week and called it Caffeine, I naturally took notice. Of…More

Images of Sydney Vivid Light Festival & Fire Water 2010

Sydney, my hometown, really knows how to put on a good show. The New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrations are known worldwide. Starting in 2009, the City of Sydney decided to have an artistic light installation in the winter month of June. It’s called Vivid Light and it illuminates some of the city’s finest architectural structures…More

Images of Gardens of the J. Paul Getty Center & Museum, Los Angeles

Following on from a recent post: Buildings as Art: The J. Paul Getty Center, Los Angeles California, I promised this post on the gardens of the J. Paul Getty Center. The gardens add so much visual splendor to the Getty Center. It blends with the artwork inside the buildings as well as the artistic architecture of…More

Design Concept: The Thogger. Half thong (flip flop) Half Jogger (runner)

This concept was the outcome of an enlightening work conversation about combined clothing items given portmanteau names. The word portmanteauu comes from the French language and literally means a case with two parts that holds clothes.  Examples are Jeggings (Jean/Leggings), Skorts (Skirt/Shorts), So what would happen if you merged a Thong (flip flop) with a Jogger…More

My Web Design Portfolio: From 2005 to now

I recently updated my web design portfolio page on this site. It now includes all work I’ve done as a sole freelancer from 2005 to now. I’ve completed 17 web development projects since venturing out on my own. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to it would be the website of…More