Hipster Corgi – New Tee Design

Like it? Buy the “Hipster Corgi” Tee Here The interwebs loves corgis and for obvious reasons, they are intelligent and ridiculously handsome dogs. Hipster corgi is gonna corg! I’m experimenting with Adobe Illustrator vector illustrations again and this is the result. It’s a Hipster Corgi, wearing Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses, a skull and cross bones scarf, a Holga camera…More

5 Rock Song Covers that worked and 5 that didn’t

You’ve got to love cover songs. Few hit the mark, most miss it. Here is my take on the 5 best and worst rock cover songs. In no particular order… 5 Rock Song Covers that worked 1. Pinball Wizard Original Artist: The Who (1969). Covered by: Elton John (1975) The original was written for The…More

Images of New York City in the Winter

With temperatures well below zero, the 5 days in New York City were the coldest I’ve experienced. This was the first time I’d seen snow fall and it really was magical. Out of 500 odd frames, these are my favourites.More